There are so many dangers in our lives. Do we really need to spend time addressing dangers that don't exist? Take a look at some "statistical" dangers that you should be aware of, and the next time someone quotes you numbers and statistics maybe you'll think twice about accepting them at face value!

You have a head for a reason, but many of us don't make effective enough use of that spongy mass inside our head. No, not the tongue! It's a little up from there. If you are thinking nose then maybe this information isn't for you, but if you guessed brain then you got it right! With access to the Internet, which it looks like you have already taken care of, and a good search engine you can do some research on just about anything under the sun. Why stop at the sun? The universe and beyond is at your fingertips! Make sure you take the time to get past the disinformation and down to the real nitty gritty - you'll be amazed how thick the wool is over all our eyes!

Dangers of processed wheat!
DiHydrogen MonOxide - it's everywhere and it's DEADLY!

Quite often these things begin with stretching the truth, sometimes it's just a plain bold faced lie showing no connection at all between cause and effect. Who starts these lies to begin with? There's the media outlets, where extreme headlines sell - so what's a little stretch in the name of profit? Don't forget your government is usually pretty good with what they would call PR (Public Relations), otherwise known as Propogandist Rhetoric. Oh, and religion is really good at stretching things these days too. Any group with something to gain these days seems to be really good at twisting facts and figures around to justify their position. Be it the Government, union or environmental group, when the truth gets twisted we all loose. Many people feel that a little stretch is okay if the goal of the project is just, but I don't agree. There is just too much of this going around to do anyone good. A democracy thrives on information, and if too much of that information is false then there can be no true democracy.